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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Here at LPM we strive to improve wildlife habitat to its full potential.

We have come to realize that wildlife habitat needs to be groomed on a regular basis and not every landowner has the time nor the equipment to do so.

We want to offer a quality service at an affordable price!

We are willing to work side by side with landowners or strictly independent to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you give your land a full makeover or just add a food plot or two we know you will enjoy the difference.

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Antler King Fertilizer


We started using Antler King fertilizer products in 2019 and immediately had success. In September of 2020 we decided these were products that we wanted to offer our customers. Early 2021 we became a dealer for Antler King and now have Antler King Plot Max, Clover Fuel and Jolt in 32oz. bottles i...

30-06 Thrive


We have decided to stock Whitetail Institute of North America 30-06 Thrive Mineral Supplement. Thrive is a great source of protein, fat, fiber, calcium and all other minerals and vitamins that whitetail deer need for rebuilding their bodies after a difficult rut and winter.

Thrive can be ...

New Website


Lunz Property Management has just launched a new website thanks to the professionals at 3plains.

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